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Hey you, Over there, Yeah you. Your amazing, Now get off my mind. I see your smile And i cant help But to smile back. I see you look at me And i cant help But to blush. I also see something else, Something deep That i cant quite explain. What is it? I dont know. This has never happened. I enjoy everything about you. God really went right with you. You are something id love To get for Christmas. You would be the best gift Ive ever gotten. I dont worry about this Not being real, I worry about you doubting Or you ignoring it Or you just not seeing it. Your not like the rest. I see that. Anyone not to see that Must be blind But i aint blind. I see you clearly. I understand you clearly. Gosh you take my breath away But make me wanna continue breathing. You are so great. Now boy, Get off my mind, Cause im losing it. Just give me you car keys, Cause you are driving me Outta my mind. With that big smile of yours To those eyes To your awesome personality. Im slowly losing my sanity When it comes to you. Fluff my hair up Cause your making me wild. You bring me out of my shell. You teach me how to trust. You do these amazing things for me That you dont even know about.
Ah so kind of you.. Hey I just met you, this is crazy, but here's my number, call me maybe.
good job
thank u. i appreciate it @OmarA
Beautiful poem. Really well written @alyssastano! You should try adding a picture so more people click on your card :D