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My poor fangirl heart feels like it got shot 50 billion times with BTS feels today! Not cool guys... not cool!
Why Suga why?!?! Here more recent this one has been climbing up my bias list... Suga don't make me tie you down... *hehehe*
J-Hope is so adorable! Like i can't even... I don't know what to say. Like on a scale of 1 to puppies playing in snow... he's like a 9... and dang it that's pretty freaking adorable!
So i'm not gonna lie... when i first found out about bts, Jimin... wasn't my favorite member. But after TRBindallas he has found his own little spot in my heart now. But my goodness I think I was blind before because good lord he is smexy!
Do I really have to say anything about Jin?!?! We all know he is fine as hell and these are just more pics that prove it!!! *fangirls* For the love of kpop, you could cut butter with a jawline like that!
Oh Rap Monster .... that is one lucky stick to be in your hands... And this is might sound creepy so be prepared... he has some nice looking skin! Like I really wanna pet his face. (Is that crazy? Nah I think it sounds reasonable) I mean petting his face gets me in the same room as him sooo... yeah.... I want to pet his face. Lol
Now for this child man... man child? Idk what to call him. Me being 3 years older than him makes it really hard for me to admit how sexy he is. (Oh sh** I said it) Like he was not legal yet at the concert in Dallas so everytime I looked at him I was like "Oh god he's illegal, imma get arrested..." Like I don't think I even had the courage to look him in the face for the Hi touch. All i could hear was police sirens in my head... But hey hey! He is legal now! And this noona wants what the heart wants... and it wants a piece of that kookie (but not too much, I'm not big on sweets)
Now for V... the love of my life... my main sqeeze... or in other words, my bias. ♡ He be looking finnnnnnee! Like when I saw these pics i felt like my heart had just exploded in my chest. Like V... why you gotta do me like that?!? I don't even know how to explain this feeling of pure joy when I saw him. I feel like im on a "V high" (not a suga high... me and suga ain't like that) This boy always makes me feel like I got my head in the clouds. ☁☁☁
J-Hope.... your words have never been more accurate!
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I want to make ALL of these my laptop background pic