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■□■Where's The Fun■□■
Ah it's a cycle of things to do Work just keeps piling on and never seems to stop, but neither should I right
The effort game is low these days guys but check out how I keep myself motivated
I'll seriously be like "*insert Kpop idols name* would be very proud of me if I did this" Ex: "Do your work KwonOfAKind bae , GD would be happy if you did. If you don't he'll probably get all sad and it'll be your fault"
Yeah I don't know WTF is wrong with me but it just works okay...I literally just completed 4 essays using this method lol Does anyone else you this method....no? just me.. okay then :P
Okay okay to tell you the truth I don't even know what I'm talking about ... I just really missed you guys and didn't know what to say :P
Please love meh ~(^.^)~ "No" okay I'm sorry lol (oh before I forget I'm think about doing perhaps a double update for my fanfic...so yea stay tuned for that :P)
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