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Let me breathe your love in air .. Take my soul with you up there .. Where heaven, to taste your love delight.. To light my joy, in the darkest night .. The light i saw in that spring.. Blessed my heart, i began to sing .. Since then i knew that i'm in love .. With a fairy angel came from above .. Oh! My heart take a breath.. Shall you love her till your death! Then a reply, sayin' yes! Missed her eyes, missed that kiss .. A heart that wishes that one day .. In human world you shall stay .. Wishes all along and always pray .. To see you comin' on the next may .. To touch you again, to hold ur hand .. To own you, though i'll own the land.. Till then i'll wait to hear your tongue .. Sayin' "I love you", to make me young.. <3 By: Khaled Ezzat <3
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thank u bro
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