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today is v day yay!!!!! i love V and his 4d alienness lol
and he makes everyone laugh just being him and he is a very interesting boy lol and i love his smile my god is his smile cute everytime i see it i feel good and warm and if i saw it in person my heart might give up on me
and here are some pics i think he looks good in lol
my friends made this for me
and ive made some my self i make fake snapchats btw if you want one of a kpop idol here is the link (sorry idk how to copy links how you guys do it so if you want to help me with that leave it in the comments thank you)
hope you guys like it leave comments bye ♡♡
I was scrolling down to comment then scrolled back SO FAST when i saw those abs. OMG.
thanks my friend made it for me i thought it was so funny when i got that in a text XD @AnnahiZaragoza
I really liked the V French Fries picture lol
your welcome @kpopandkimchi XD