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Ok so awhile back I saw a meme on a pic just like this one that said "I dont read but when I do I read upside down" but I cant remember where... I just wanted to point out the flaw in that meme... V is reading a manga and it isnt upside down... Mangas are originally read from right to left backwards from what most Western books are... So he isnt reading upside down he is reading a manga book that is read from right to left... Just wanted to point that out cuz otherwise it makes V out to be stupid and I am sure he isnt...
I had such a hard time when I started reading manga. Now I have a hard time trying to read regular ones lol. I've found Korean and Chinese ones though that are read left to right. Don't know if it was just them or not though but it was a weird transition haha.
Yes!!! I remember trying to read my first manga the 'usual" way and was so confused hahahah
Omg I hate these nails alteady
@KokoroNoTakara Lol . It's good to have people who understand.
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