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Totally blowned, dude..
if they really wanted it to connect to tarzan then they could've put more effort into the characters looking more similar. But the mother looks way different from the tarzan photo and so does the mother. Also we don't know if their ships were the same like in ariel.
the pictures don't even look close....not even using art style as an excuse would be valid. I think people are looking too much into these things
Idk bout the others but the time like is all wrong for tarzan to be relate to ana and elsa. Also fuck Frozen! It sucks so hard!
@T0R1L yeah Brave and Tangled were ok. LOL Pascal is so cute
@GenesisZiporrah I liked Brave and Tangled. Those were good movies for girls to watch, more so than Frozen at least. My friend told me I was like Pascal the lizard
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