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Guys I'm soo happy! I finally found a kpopper in my town!!!!! I was at work minding my own business and I was front cashier today so I saw two people walk in and from the corner of my eye I saw what looked like the same GD hat I had but I was like oh I'm probably just seeing things because no one in my town knows of Kpop but when I went to take there order I did like a triple take because sure enough right before my eyes this guy had a GDragon hat!!!! I of course had to calm my inner fan girl lol didn't want to get too excited since people at work would probably question my life haha but i was taking there order and finally was like screw it I can't hide my fangirl so i complimented him on his lovely hat and he was of course as surprised as I was that someone down here knew of GD and kpop(don't worry I kept calm lol and did not go on about my love for GD) but it was soo cool man finally after all this time I found a kpopper that seriously made my day and then some lol like myself he said he wears his GD hat all the time and no one has ever known who that was so we were this first kpoppers we've both have seen and I'm soo happy to know that I'm not the only one anymore lol had to share that with you guys because it was a very exciting thing and semi fate because what are the odds that a not only does a kpopper come into my job but they were wearing a GDragon hat....coincidence I think not😂😂
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@petname83 I know I couldn't believe that's why I had to do a triple take when i saw the hat because no one i mean no one I've ever spoke too or while I'm wearing my Kpop stuff ever knows who they are so this was crazy
yay! it's always so much fun to find a kpopper in our home town, especially when it is one as small as mine! I only know of a couple outside of me, one I have never met and I only know of cuz the boyfriend helped deliver my fridge and recognized Big Bang...the other one though I am quickly building a friendship with!
there are so many kpopers in my school I feel like I am truly in my place so glad