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This quote I love (not only because it's a Bobby Singer quote) but because this quote got me through a bit of a rough patch at the time. it made me realize that family dosen't have to be your own flesh and blood but it can also be the the friends you have. I've been thinking about getting this quote as a tattoo when I'm in college or maybe when I'm 18 I still haven't decided but I do want this as a tattoo.
so tell me Winchesters what's tour favorite quote? tagging @LAVONYORK @shannon15 @trin1991@nenegrint14@AshelyJewell@TiffanyWallace@ButterflyBlu @EmrysHeartnet @SugaOnTop @SterlingH89 @KennedyCasey@lanejlzero
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mine is driver picks the music and passenger shuts his cakehole. I even have it as a tag frame on my car
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I love these!
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