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What was your first anime you've watched?
Hamtaro! I actually don't remember what my first anime, but I know these are some of the first!
No, not crystal, the original series! Wanna know how old they are? I have some of the epsiodes and movies on VHS!
Can't forget Pokemon! I have some episodes of this on VHS also. Some other animes I watched was Bleach and One Piece. The person who got me into anime was my dad, what about you?
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Speed Racer and Robotech
2 years ago·Reply
and third wicked city
2 years ago·Reply
Technically Pokemon was my first. Then I stopped. The anime that got me into bigger and gorey animes was Attack On Titan though.
2 years ago·Reply
I was much older than dragon ball Z and Pokemon. my first anime was Sailor Moon. I discovered it on my own I was about... 5 or 6.
2 years ago·Reply
My first non insanely popular anime I saw was gundam g at the ripe old age of 4 on toonami at my grandmothers house same time I saw dbz but Pokemon was my first
2 years ago·Reply