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If you know your MBTI type, comment who your character type is. If you want to take a free MBTI test, follow this link . I personally have been taking the Myers Briggs for years and my mbti type has always been INFP. The last I took it, I also had a little bit of INTJ but still a dominant INFP. My Fairy Tail character is Wendy. And I whole hardedly agree! :D This is the most exact I've seen the list compared with the Fairy Tail characters. There were a couple other Fairy Tail MBTI lists online, but when I watch Fairy Tail, I agree most with this list. I hope you guys enjoy this fun blog.


Levy McGarden the Inspector Levy is the perfect example as an Inspector. She loves to read up on anything and everything. But even more impressive, she uses her knowledge and detective findings to help assist her teammates with intel.


Juvia Lockser the Protector Although she isn't the most reliable in battles, Juvia's character is a protector. When she has something precious to fight for, she will go all out to protect what she has. She also shows these protective tendencies towards her love for Gray Fullbuster.


Erza Scarlet the Counselor Erza is the ultimate counselor. She may have an adorable side, but when it comes to being serious, no one is as more cooperative as Erza. She asks the right questions and even make quick remarks. She also shows her counseling side when she finds herself separating Gray and Natsu from a brawl.


Gray Fullbuster the Mastermind Unlike Natsu, Gray is a thinker. Before going into battle with their foe, he makes sure there's a plan of attack. Sometimes relying on his heart and passion can be an effective strategy for him. Yes he strips here and there, but when he finds his clothes off, he immediately becomes baffled.


Gajeel Redfox the Craftsman Gajeel is definitely the craftsman. He enjoys being in the shadows and working undercover. And when he finds answers to what he's searching for he's quick to share his intel. Like a craftsman working on a project, they feel a sense of accomplishment when they've completed their objectives. He keeps to himself a lot, he's also a sensor, a thinker, and is a perceiver.


Rogue Cheney the Composer Rogue is a brilliant composer. He even came back from the future to orchestrate the destruction of man by dragons. In an episode, Rogue sensed that his friend Frosch was lost but spent the entire episode perceiving that she would make it back to their guild on her own. He also shows a strong bond for his friends.


Wendy Marvell the Healer Obviously Wendy is a healer. But being an INFP, I can tell by the way she acts is exactly how an INFP is portrayed. INFPs are lovers and creative. Which Wendy shows both of in the show. INFP's hate disappointing others and are quick to show apologetic tendencies. Although she is surrounded by her friends, she shows introvert tendencies as well. She goes off on her own all the time. She doesn't like getting others involved in her affairs. Or sometimes she'll just go shopping by herself (aside from Carla whom never leaves her side and is her loyal companion).


Laxus Dreyar the Architect So Laxus is crazy OP and usually destroys anything and everything around him with his Thunder Dragon magic. But, he also builds from what he destroys. Like an architect, he builds his relationship with Fairy Tail from the bottom up as he was banished from the guild. And though he's hard headed, he doesn't do anything to ruin what he had built. Instead, he continues to prove that he still cares for his guild even though he wasn't allowed back in until later in the series.


Cana Alberona the Dynamo Definitely the life of the party. But aside from being a live wire, she is able to use one of Fairy Tail's strongest magic attack, Fairy Glitter. This spell casts an enormous explosion which earns her right to be the Dynamo.


Natsu Dragneel the Performer Natsu may not be a great actor, but he definitely loves the spotlight. He has amazing energy and stamina. He's the epitome of never giving up, especially when his guild and friends are in danger. He also likes to steel the show, whether he's fighting 2 dragon slayers, or pretending to be the King of Fiore. His spirit is courageous and he calls it how it is. Sometimes it gets him into big trouble, but it's also a driving force.


Lucy Heartfillia the Champion Lucy is definitely the star of the show. And even though she gets kidnapped as much as Princess Peach from her Mushroom Kingdom, she remains strong and is quick to turn a frown upside down. In a tight situations, she thinks on her feet and tries to figure a way out. She has a lot of heart for her comrades and knows how to listen when someone is feeling down. Even when that someone is just a stranger on the street. She's genuinely helpful.


Lisanna Strauss the Visionary Lisanna is a visionary. Being sucked into a different world, then returning back after so many years, she never lost that passion of reuniting herself with her family. And although she had strong feelings for Natsu as a child, she still shows signs of love towards him even though she knows that Natsu and Lucy are always going on adventures. She simply enjoys the company of others.


Evergreen the Supervisor Evergreen is one tough chick. She doesn't like to show signs of weakness nor the love she holds for Elfman. But when she feels exposed, she is quick to help supervise the situation. Although sometimes she fibs about her motives when it comes to Elfman.


Sting Eucliffe the Provider After destroying his previous guild master, he took the thrown. But unlike the tyranny of the previous master, he chooses to change his guilds evil ways. Instead, he shows love and care for his teammates. He offers Yukino back into the guild after the previous master banished her for losing in the wizard tournament.


Elfman Strauss the Teacher Elfman likes to remind everyone about being manly. But aside from that, when he's not preaching about being manly, he reminds the team how important the guild is to everyone. And that it's still manly to have the biggest heart.


Mirajane Strauss the Commander Mirajane doesn't seem like a commander. But she has everything in the palm of her hands. When you make her angry she has multiple shedevil/demon forms. She blends in with everyone when she's not transorfmed in her shedevil form, but when something threatens her loved ones, she will not hesitate to take the situation into her own hands. She's definitely one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail, if not, also rivaling Erza Scarlet.
@WarrenDreiling, it's so nice to meet another INFJ, we are hard to find!
I just find this a little overly freaky. So my names is Jesus, and my friends call me Zeus. I got INTP, which was already freakily accurate, but then the character for it has Thunder Dragon magic? Not to mention (maybe I'm connecting a few too many things) my favorite staff is CODII zombies is lightning, which is you wanna upgrade, the last part of the code is 6/10/3. I was born on 6/10/1993. WHY DOES THIS SHIT KEEP HAPPENING? lololol
I have INFJ with Erza Scarlet. Heck yes. Bravo!
Im an INFJ, and I gotta admit that's pretty good
ooooohhhhhh okay! @SparkRIDE 👍✌👉⚡⚡⚡⚡
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