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This man, Kuwabara, is the single man in all of anime I cannot stand. He is unattractive, his voice is annoying, he doesn't I know when to back off, and just ugh.
I truly find him gross, and would definitely turn down any advances from him. Ick.
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haha, awe cone on. He ain't that bad... besides, ya still got Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama. :p @T0R1L
R you kidding? He has the anime duche bag hair lol! But for real, ill prolly check it out
seriously. have you played LOZ Skyward Sword? He has Groose hair. That hair has symbolized doucheness since the old days, and still does today.
@KerriBraden I had Skyward Sword for a while but I don't think I got very far, and then I left it at a friends house who....well, any ways, I can't get it back now.
I am sorry, it was a wonderful game, probably my favorite Zelda game really :3