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*furiously munches on KitKat, trying to drown my sorrows in chocolate* Why? Huh?!? What have I done in a past life to deserves this mental abuse? Big Hit has already made me mentally unstable with these guys and their amazingly talented selves but now, they are dropping all these subtle hints and making me question my very being!!!! So much as mentioning Suga and death in the same sentence sends me into a downward emotional spiral. But now, yall are doing this on a daily basis. And the thought of my beautiful princess Jin being alone!!! I can't do this!!! It hurts too much!!!!
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aye..aye @kpopandkimchi chill... shh it's okay we still want this *shushes you* justquietly suffer through the feels trip ;^; these adorable fuck nuggets make it worthwhile XD 馃槩馃槩馃槶馃槶
I think RM is still alive you can't actually tell if he's wearing shoes & alot of the theories I read thought he was still alive too