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if you haven't seen healer,i highly recommend It. This drama has everything, it has comedy,action,romance,and it just gives you the chills !! I'll be honest,when I first saw this drama on my hulu Feed,I didn't click on it or anything because I didn't think it was anything special. but when I started watching it,I realized this drama had everything I liked
and romance !
I was actually so impressed with the drama,i bought it on DVD xD. It will make you cry,laugh and maybe squeal a little too.
and the chemistry between the two characters is out of this world ❤❤ I ship them so hard tbh because they look so good together. I EVEN SHIP THEM TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE BECAUSE THEY ARE LITERALLY SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER <///3 I saw an interview for park min young about her ideal type on tumblr And almost everything added up to ji chang wook and I squealed on the inside. I mean if they do end up dating,i hope they do It secretly ❤ that way the paparazzi won't ruin it ><
I fell in love with Ji Chang wook because of this drama. Love healer.
This drama made me cry so much ㅠㅠ i hit the feels hard when i saw your card.....the memories