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K-Drama QQ: How Did You Find K-Dramas?
Most people wonder how on earth we got to the fandom we're now in, and it's a good question!
K-dramas aren't common in most countries and that what makes being fans of them both really difficult and really special.

So, what's your story?

How did you first get into K-dramas?

For me, I was very into Japanese music and dramas when I found Kpop.
The way I found Kpop though, was through a drama that TVXQ created called Dangerous Love. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen (still!) and I'm so happy I clicked a few "recommended videos" on YouTube and found it :D

How'd you get sucked into this world?!

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well i was watching a turkish drama on tv and when it ended i was too lazy to turn off the tv (lol) and then dream high came on i was like hmm i should try this . and i couldnt stop watching it. and bc suzy and wooyoung act in it i got REALLY REALLY into them and their bands (Miss A and 2PM) ❤️
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through Facebook. I liked a page called drama fever, and they would post little mini videos of a k drama called THE HEIRS. I fell in love with the mini videos that I ended up watching all the episodes of THE HEIRS, now I'm addicted to watching anything that has to do with LEE MIN HO😍😅
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mine was through netflix. I've always been a suckered for movies about princes and princesses and all that sappy stuff. I was browsing through netflix and found My Princess which I thought was a movie haha. I totally fell in love with it and then when it was over Boys Over Flowers was recommended next. needless to say after that I no longer watch American tv haha.
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my exbf had liked kpop early in middle school, and sometime in 7th or 8th grade she showed me Boys Over Flowers which we watched together. That was my first drama! But I hadn't really gotten deep into kdrama/kpop until this year really. I had been preoccupied with 1D the majority of highschool rip and only late last year did i quit liking them then earlier this year towards the end of senior year i googled SHINee & came across Taemin. Oh & the drama "I Remember You" got me back into dramas!
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mine was To the Beautiful You since I read the manga, and I've been hooked on kdramas ever since¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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