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Most people wonder how on earth we got to the fandom we're now in, and it's a good question!
K-dramas aren't common in most countries and that what makes being fans of them both really difficult and really special.

So, what's your story?

How did you first get into K-dramas?

For me, I was very into Japanese music and dramas when I found Kpop.
The way I found Kpop though, was through a drama that TVXQ created called Dangerous Love. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen (still!) and I'm so happy I clicked a few "recommended videos" on YouTube and found it :D

How'd you get sucked into this world?!

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I was into anime when I got into kdrama and my friend told me I should watch to the beautiful you because the cast reminded her of ouran high school host club XD I was shocked when I got into kpop and I realized that the main male role was Minho from shinee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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I first got into Kdramas by my mom telling me that I should watch 'High School Love On' and tell her if it was any good which was recommended by her friend and that's my story ^~^
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since I'm half Asian it hit me like a truck. I watched my first kdrama when I was little and my mom was told me I loved it and like I couldn't stop watching it. my mom loves kdrama like me. lol explains where I get my love for kdrama from
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@MissyKim OH MY GLOB that's exactly what happened to me!!!! I chose Playful Kiss because I read the description and I had actually just watched the anime a couple of weeks before the drama. I fell in love with Kim Hyunjoong and Googled everything he'd ever been in. Boys Over Flowers was my 2nd one but that was what solidified my new obsession.
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The first kdrama I watched was with my sister "You're beautiful" after that I got hooked
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