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Being the only kpop fan in a group if friends.
I can relate to this.
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Me too! I've been working on my sisters and best friend. I'm starting to do well. I usually send a mix CD to my bf of songs I think she would like. Crossing my fingers in hopes that I'll have someone to talk about my bias with. Anyone in Wisconsin?!
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@BekiKunstman I'm kinda close to Wisconsin...once u cross over the lake that is. @kkellymeyer don't we all
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@kieuseru Dang, that's pretty close! Did you go to the BigBang concert in New Jersey?
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@BekiKunstman no but how I wanted to! couldn't get out of work because I already had vacay planned. but if I had been able to I would have been there! Either that one or the one in Toronto. And how close is 'pretty close'? I'm right on the Michigan lakeshore
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@Kieuseru Oh shoot!! It was a great concert and not too busy on Sunday. I ended up taking my 2 sisters to have company. Hopefully you'll be able to go another time. Have you been to a kpop concert before? Ahhh, maybe I'm not as close as I thought I was. I'm in Appleton which is about 2 hrs from Milwaukee.
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