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So I was creeping on Huffington Posts twitter (because I'm an addict) and came across the cutest story ever and I just had to share it with my Vinglers!
Husband Aaron Gillies knows that his wife Lex cries over anything and everything. So for 1 month without telling her he wrote down every time she cried and what caused her to have the emotional outburst. Sounds a little weird and quite possible the worst idea ever, right? You would think it would be mean and negative but Lex actually seems like someone I need to be friends with because this is what makes her cry.
First off, I get the hungover one on a personal level.
But shout out to Lex for being the biggest happy crier out there! She even admitted to social media (after they got nearly 2 million views on the now viral post) that she is an extremely emotional person but it ends up giving her amazing stories to tell friends!
What an awesome sport! I bet she cried when she saw the list, I know I would.
I know we all have those things that just get us when we least expect it. Mine is solider coming home videos. They just GET ME!

So whats the weirdest thing to make you cry?

I think this is absolutely beautiful!!!! Any husband to pays attention to even the times you cry is a special man.
Lmao, the Babadook one. Screw crying, I'd have socked my husband in the jaw.
@AlloBaber @jordanhamilton thought you romantics might get a kick out of this story!
As childish as this might seem, it happened. So once I was eating dinner with my two younger sisters and older brother, we were having a star soup, and I was playing around with my little sister saying that the little stars were people in a boat. I flew the spoon around. Shortly, my dad came out and told me to stop playing with my food so I did. I started eating normally and then my little sister looked up at me and asked,"Why are you killing the little star people? What did they do?" I have no idea why, but I started crying.
That's so cute!! I actually don't cry much anymore馃槸 I don't know why but most things don't get to me like they used to馃槙
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