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Deux 듀스
A Korean hip hop duo that hit the scenes in the early 90's. Deux ended tragically early because of the death of Kim Sung Jae.

Kim Sung Jae

At the ripe age of 23 (my current age) this talented man died because of a supposed drug over dose/murder than is still unsolved as far as I am aware.
I have included his single So To Say off of his solo debut album before his death.

R.I.P April 18, 1972 - November 20, 1995

Lee Hyun Do

Turn Around And Look At Me

This is one of my favorite songs from them and I love the cover Big Bang GD and Taeyang did of the song

In Summer

This another one of my favorite songs from them and I honestly don't remember how I came across it since it was the first song I heard from them lol......

We Are

This is one their songs I could listen to and keep vibing with it on repeat

Break Off The Yoke

I'm not too familiar with this song but I like it!!!!!!


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are you trying to kill me???? i will listen to these soon!
@Kamiamon no not really but if it comes to it I will tell them to play some of these at your funeral ^^