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Who doesn't know of this group?....Even if you don't know there is one iconic song that everyone should know, the immortal song 'Run To You'. This song is pretty much a classic in its own rights and it seems to be a party favorite even til this day (but what do I know).

Lee Ha Neul

Was in a controversy with former member Park Jung Hwan back in 2011 but the charges were dismissed because of lack of evidence.
But as far as I'm concerned Ha Neul is one of the most active members in DJ DOC since I see him tons of variety shows (or maybe it's just the variety shows I watch)......

Jung Jae Yong

Recently saw this cutey in NC.A's mv for Vanilla Shake......but I don't really know much about him.

Kim Chang Ryeol

I know close to nothing about Kim Chang Ryeol except for the fact that he is married.

Park Jung Hwan

Park Jung Hwan was there for the first album but left the group due to differences. He currently runs a car dealership.
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