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Anyone in to Jrock and/or visual kei? Who are your favorite bands? I really enjoy Malice Mizer and Dir en Grey
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I love trying out new music (hence how I got into kpop) so I recently ventured into Japanese music too ^^ I'm newbie so I dont know much bands, but I love DIV, One Ok Rock, My First Story amd Cocoa Otoko (they disbanded while ago) ♡
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I love D. Asagi-san <3
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My favorite is MEJIBRAY ❤️
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I listen to Visual Kei almost 24/7 ♪( ´▽`) My favourite Bands ♥ ~ D || MEJIBRAY || Sugar || Lycaon || Awoi || Avelcain BUCK TICK || Acid Black Cherry New/Lesser Known bands I ♥ * Dadaroma || The Gallo || AVANCHICK * SIGNAL || iiii Ligro || I happen to also really like Malice Mizer as well *\(^o^)/*
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Plastic Tree anyone?!! I love almost every jrock, visual Kei band but there is just something about Plastic Tree!!!!!
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