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High school feels like forever ago. Its been nearly a decade since I started my freshmen year. I was excited, I was in a school uniform that was way to long, and I knew I was going to make friends. But not in the douchey way were I thought I would be popular. I just knew that I was nice, I made people laugh, and everyone makes friends, right? And now looking back, a 23 year old wracked with self doubt and confused as fuck where my life is heading, there are some things I really wish I didn't learn in high school, because "lessons" learned in high school are stupid and do way more damage then good.

That being fat is bad.

I have never been skinny. I have always had some extra weight, some extra inches, and just some EXTRA on me. In grade school I never noticed, I never cared. But come high school, all the girls were in skin tight clothing and talking about needing to lose weight. Always talking about needing to shrink. It was only then did I realize that my body wasn't considered good enough and I spent years believing that. Its a shame because I most certainly was (and am) more then good enough.

That you should be getting a boyfriend or at least kissing some to be relevant.

I was late to the party. I really didn't care about boys or kissing because I was to busy being one of them. Playing sports and loving gym and being their friend. But when sleepover talk always went to how many guys everyones kissed, the jokes I had to tell about the golden goose egg (aka 0) got old after a while. I wish I knew that waiting for your first anything should not make anyone feel ashamed. If anything it just makes the moment that much better.

That friends wont always have your back, or be friends with you anymore.

Friendships should be easy; they were in grade school. You played on the play ground, talked about who was cute, and always saved each other seats. High school is different and the older we get the more complicated our emotional needs and attachments become. Friends aren't always forever and I really wish I didn't have to learn that.
seriously OMG dude I'm in 9th grade and I don't have a bf even my mom is shunning me 馃槶 and I'm fat so... #foreveralone
@InPlainSight *thumbs up* Always~
You are COMPLETELY right!!!! Although I'm still in high school, there are somethings that make it WAY more difficult than it really is. And self-appreciation is definitely one of those things I've been trying to work on. And I'm proud to say I am improving!!
I'm in high school in its not that bad any more people stopped caring really
ReAl friends are super hard to come by. Fat or skinny, be who you are. Judgers are not worth anybody's time.
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