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Astro is a 6 member group under Fantagio entertainment, they are expected to debut early next year. They have a web-series called "To be continued". from left to right: Yoon Sanha/Sanha (Maknae), JinJin/Park Jinwoo (leader), Rocky/Park Min hyuk, Cha Eun Woo/Lee Dongmin, Moon Bin, MJ/Kim Myungjun (oldest)
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I can't belive I'm actually a noona to someone now. Sanha is only like a year younger, but still. I don't like it, but I think I'm gonna start checking this group out!
I love the song Innocent love and Go Back. @Jiyongixoxo omg I agree when I first saw him I was like 馃槏 but then I saw his age and I was like 馃槰馃槺. I can't wait uhh hull they debut tho. I'm ready!
I watched the show or should I say web drama n it was actually really good thy r so cute~ I can't wait untill thy finally debut Astro hwatting~!