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number #1 bias wrecker
Jeon Jungkook will be the death of me. When I first saw him I was like " awww he's so cute!" but not in a way that I was attracted to him.
And then all of a sudden BAM!
My feels for this boy are out of control does anyone else feel the same ?
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I gave in a while ago to Kookie as my bias instead of bias wrecker..........I still haven't quite come to terms with the age difference, but then I realized that at the rate they're ranking out new groups I'll be older than them all anyway...lol and puberty did him extremely well ;)
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@lilysilver I haven't gotten over the age difference either lmao we aren't that far apart but still. it's hard not to love him
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@wuizhangg it's five years between me and Kookie, Jin is closest to my age cause he's only 2 months younger and then Suga at 6 months....why could I not be madly in complete and total bias crush with one of them!? nope that would be too easy.....lol
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he is sooo cute~
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@lilysilver lol I think Jungkook and I are around 3 years apart. Jin is one of my bias. him and Jungkook 馃槏馃槏
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