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This was easy. Freed Justine would totally be the worst date ever. He's so whiny and such a crybaby. Not to mention, he's literally always pining after Laxus.
I know I'm pretty high maintenance and require lots of affection ans attention. I mean, seriously... who wants to deal with that? ^^^ No one. Who could even compete with Laxus? Who would want to? Who would want to deal with someone who's weepy like Freed? No one.
The woooorrrrrsssst ^^^^ @VinMcCarthy
@yulissab2015 I think he is annoying too. I feel like I would punch him in the face and then laugh at his corny line.
I feel like the worst date would be with elfman since he always says "It's a man" I'd punch him in the face
Haha, don't say no one. he wouldn't be my first choice. but i think he's quite cute.
@RpgSlayer fairy tail
@KaitlynMesser I agree, I'm glad that evergreen hit him with her hand held fan, she tired of his crap too
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