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Hey everyone! So if y'all are familiar with my page, then you have followed me on my journey to be in music! My sister and I have been posting covers while I make little electronic tracks on Soundcloud. :) There is a competition called Hometown for the Holidays on station 93.3 in my town Denver! It's for local bands to submit originals with the opportunity of it playing on the radio and performing at the not so silent night festival at the First Bank Center! We just submitted our original called Our Own Galaxy by us, Fallback. If I got anyone from the mile high, please show us some love and support! Or if you guys know anyone in Colorado, please share this post! We are so grateful for this opportunity and we hope you enjoy our first original! Jut go to https://spaces.hightail.com/space/44QCv
WOHOOO! I used to live in Colorado ( moved away though). Denver is beautiful, GOOD LUCK!
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! Please tell them thank you for me and we really appreciate it! Mich love sent your way! 😁 Have a fantastic holiday season!@ButterflyBlu
Awesome!! it sure is! ;) Thank you so much!
I can help. My sister and her family now live in Westminster (right outside of Denver. Metro area? Suburb? Whatever you want to call it.) I will let her know and have her spread it around, too. ^.^ Good luck!!