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I think these two would make a great couple. These two hit it off in the first episode and it becomes better and better. When the schools finds out Tsukune was a human, Moka does not hesitate to protect him. The others seem to find it hard to expected it, so it shows Moka loves Tsukune even if he is human. Plus Tsukune let's Moka feed from him and he cares for her even if she is a vampire. In the second season his mom tells Moka that Tsukune talks about her a lot and how she helped him when he first went there, I mean that screams romance. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. (P.s this is the Anime not the manga).
@Xagon I know that, am saying when the rest find out it's like they were really upset by the fact that he was human. Moka the only one who seem not to care. Even at the beginning it didn't bother her as much as it did the others.
manga was awesome! anime was lacking... but the ending and the love between them as they fought at the end was a major tear jerker! it's was beautiful.
@AmarisHoruko18 like I said...I's just the way you worded it made it seem that Moka didn't know either but protected him right away anyway. Just wanted to clarify what you meant.
I agree 馃挴% However, let's not forget that Moka has known that Tsukune is a human since the beginning. When talking about the revelation about his species at the school you make it seem like she didn't know.
Yes I ship them definitely!
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