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I can't date this guy 2 things first this dude can't even see who he is dating lol he barely open his eyes btw and second I hate him lol @VinMcCarthy
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Yes @DaiGakuSei he was always misunderstood
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ah but gin loved rangiku and then when waizen caused rangiku to be injured he vowed to get vengeance for her and died in the process. he was playing the bad guy just to fool wizened and have him lower his guard.
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gin is the woooooooooooorst
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but hey...he has a really long sword... <no perv i swear bahaha>
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Poor Gin...His demise made me cry. I think most of it had to do with Rangiku, but I felt so sad for him. He was really a good guy in the end. @Matsumoto
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