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Hello, Rick & Morty fan club! It's just about that time of the week where I post a brand new card for the club. (And if you guys ever want to make Rick & Morty themed cards for us, feel free. Because teamwork makes the dream work, etc. etc.)
Today I wanted to focus on SERIES GUEST STARS! There's been a lot of them, especially as the show started to build up in popularity. Let's look at some of these, shall we?

Jemaine Clement ('Flight of the Conchords') as Fart, the musical cloud of gas out to destroy all carbon-based lifeforms

Christina Hendricks ('Mad Men') as Unity, the powerful alien lifeform that assimilates wartorn planets into one single 'Unity'

Stephen Colbert ('The Colbert Report') as Zeep, a mini-universe genius who engages in a battle of wit with Rick

Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele ('Key & Peele') as a pair of fourth dimension time cops determined to take Rick down

And that's just to name a few!

With that being said, who was your favorite 'Rick & Morty' guest star on the show thus far? Was it someone on this list or someone else entirely?

Let me know in the comments below! And if you're new to the 'Rick & Morty' fan club cards, feel free to hit follow on the 'Rick & Morty' fan club collection below.
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Stephen Colbert
Alfredo Molina as the devil of course he's got a knack for sneaky villainous roles he was doc ock in Spider-Man 2
Christina Hendricks has me sold
gotta go with stephen colbert the casting was too perfect for that one
while I do appreciate Stephen Colbert or John Oliver's roles I think I gotta give it to someone who's got more than one character under their belt. so imma say... Dan Harmon. Birdperson, Ice T, and the flu hating rapper ftw.