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As we mostly all know that BTS's comeback is getting closer, so as @kpopandkimchi stated on THIS CARD we are devoting a day to each BTS member.
& guess who's turn it is today?? :D
No other than Kim Taehyung!!
So, I have made this card devoted to V and talking about the 4 "S"s that I love most about this wonderful alien (weirdoh).
You may ask what are the 4 "S"s? The 4 "S"s that I will be talking about is Taehyung's:
Style, Singing, Smile, and Silliness!


Personally, I love his style! The style I love most is the casual look when he's wearing a simple cardigan. ^.^


1. Lol Just in case you did not notice that is not him singing lol but I like that side of him too!!
2. Wow! :O Can we all take a moment to admire Tae's voice... :O <3


Umfff!! That smile though! Makes me melt! Even through all his struggles he tries to always make people laugh and smiles all the time. I love the little boy in him! Please never change Kim Taehyung!!!! or I'll shoot you with my water gun!!!! Stay Strong Handsome!!


Haha I love this weird creature!!
(When you're in a hurry and you gotta keep up!! haha)
So... yeah that's why Kim Taehyung is my BTS bias!! (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

So since V's 20th birthday (western age) is also coming up I decided to sneak in this video!! Enjoy!