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Who like the Creepypasta!?
So many!! I can't keep track! Can you tell me who else I should add? Or any suggestions!? Thanks!!
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@JocelynPacheco Thank you.. Well, I've been into manga and anime since God knows when.. But I prefer reading manga or related stuff.. Before I know it, all I've been doin' is being engrossed in the world the manga-ka created..
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@Rushee22 Manga and anime have changed many lives. Creepypasta is just one of so many things I like. Perhaps you'll like it, perhaps not. It is all your opinion.
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@JocelynPacheco Maybe I had read some of it, or something like it, I just don't know that it's a Creepypasta. I have a knack for horror stories, so maybe.. Thanks again..
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@Rushee22 You're very welcome! I'll be posting more soon!
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