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Guys idk what love is anymore! First Bts with there shoot and now up10tion I honestly can't handle all of this!


Can we all just talk about how good he looks with pink hair!!!! Seriously I would have never imagined him going pink but I love it soo much my little baby looks soo good and so grown haha


My second baby of the group here is not only trying to send me to jail but he's seriously trying to kill me! Look at him!!! Like can you stop please and thank you! This isn't even legal!


This one looking good like always , he's just way too much for life


This right here deserves a moment of silence! Can we appreciate SunYoul with blonde hair!!! He was cute before with the black hair but the blonde opened up a whole new world πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Not much has changed here , Wooshin is perfect like always with no effort what so ever!


He is seriously killing me in this shoot , I've always found him cute(like I do with every member) but man is he beautiful , I can't wait for the Mv to come out!


He has always been high on my up10tion bias list but this right here just confirmed everything! Just look at him ......I just.......how does one life after this??!!?!!


Yeah by this point I'm basically dead this is too beautiful and this month has just been too much for my soul


I am absolutely loving jinhoo's new hair cut!!! How good does this fabulous leader look and once again can we talk about those lips!!!


Saved the absolute best for last my UB of the group , my love Kuhn!!! Every time I think to my self oh there is no possible way that he can get more perfect he proves me wrong time and time again! How is someone soo perfect seriously from predebut to now he never ceases to amaze me with his perfection! This shoot just basically showed/confirmed my love for this group and my love for Kuhn and bitto they are definitely the top 2 on my bias list for this group and they aren't going anywhere