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Fave Kpop Girl Group(s)

Day 2 Favorite Kpop Girl Group: Apink!!
(once again i can't choose just one so srry!) Apink are my baes they're so cute omg my #1 fave!! i love apink showtime! i think i really loved them after watching that and I'm very grateful who's your favorite girl group?
& f(x) of course!!! amber is the love of my life! she's so awesome and funny and great!! I'm done but these two girl groups are definitely my fave and i have my best friend to blame for my obsession with them
Bomi, Hayoung, Chorong, Nauen. then Namjoo
Yeah @mouniq.....I've watched all of her drama.....I love her should watch cheer up...
mine is Eunji too..!!!! omg
i just messaged you! ^^ @DreamKpop
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