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*Dedicated to Mikim000*

Because its V Day and Vkook is life lol ❤❤❤

Foreword: Jungkook was Taehyung's everything, well he was, until he found out Jungkook had a boyfriend, Park Jimin, after confessing his love. But what happens when Jungkook starts realizing he loves him back? And what about Jimin?
"So hyung what did you want to talk about?" Jungkook said after taking a sip from his milk. They were at a café that V had taken them to because he had "something" important to say. Now all of a sudden V was acting nervous and quiet, nothing like his usual self. V looked up from his coffee only to see the cutest face he's ever seen smiling at him with a milk mustache. He held the impusle to wipe it off with his tongue and decided to stop beating around the bush. "Ah...right...ummm.." V stammered. "Hyung why are you acting this way? Is something wrong?" Jungkook sounded worried which was the last thing Taehyung wanted him to be right now. "No!! Its nothing like that. " Jungkook smiled out of reassurance. "Good. I thought I did something wrong for a second there." Why did he have to look so adorable right now? V could hardly get a word out without stammering. He licked his lips again and made a face. His face reddened up when he looked up to see Jungkook staring at him with a joking smile. "Hyung just say it already. It can't be that bad." V couldn't agree more and took a deep breath.
V took another drink as he went over the events that happened a few hours ago. ***** "I love you Jungkook. Ever since I laid my eyes on you I knew you would be my everything. I think about you nonstop...your smile...your laugh...your lips.. I've been a coward all these years and held my feelings but not anymore." V said all this in one breath and patted himself on the back mentally. But his good feeling didn't last long. Jungkook eyes showed sadness and his face screamed guilt. V already knew that he was being rejected and he was not ready for Jungkook's next words. "V....I'm sorry but I'm dating Jimin. Everyone knew and I thought you did too..I'm really sorr-" V stopped him then. It hurt to be rejected but it hurt him even worse when Jungkook was actually blaming himself for it. "Don't blame yourself for this. Its not your fault. But I'm just going to go for now....I'm really tired." He forced a smile to reassure his friend. Jungkook didn't seem to buy it but didn't protest as V walked away from the café leaving him alone. ***** V's gaze wavered as he poured more soju into his tiny cup. He didn' t feel anything as he kept on drinking and he was perfectly fine with that. It got rid of the pain in his chest, the heartbreak, and betrayal he felt and it felt good. He didn't stop until he passed out crying. V awoke to his phone vibrating. He raised his head from the table and immediately felt sick. He held his head in his hands as he looked at his phone. It was Jin. He was probably worried sick that V didn't come home last night. He sighed as he started the walk back home to the dorm they all lived in.



I will be posting a different fanfic every day for Hell Week. Whichever one gets the most likes I will continue. So if you see a fanfic that seems interesting like it so I can know what you guys want to see :)


omg that hit hard 😣
This is a good fanfic!
please tag me in the next please continue this one!
I love this 😍
Heck yes i need it to be continued!! DRAMA! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO V!! Thank you for the tag I can't wait for the rest ^^
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