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This past Friday (Nov. 20), the White House Council on Women and Girls hosted a summit to examine how to improve the lives of women and girls of color.
Part of the panel’s conversation included a discussion on feminism in hip-hop. When the subject of who the biggest male champion of feminism in hip-hop is came up, the panel let loose a popular-yet-surprising name as the leader of feminism in rap music.
According the the leaders of the discussion, New Jersey emcee Fetty Wap is leading the charge in support of women in hip-hop culture.
Legendary rapper MC Lyte explained why she felt Fetty is indeed the most feminist artist in hip-hop today.
“At this point in time, it probably is Fetty Wap,” Lyte said. “What I mean is that he may have a very unique way of presenting his ideas, but he does love women. For what he’s up against in this climate with all of the other MCs, he’s taking a stand. He’s being pretty courageous right now with what it is that he presents in his music because it’s really not the norm. When I was trying to write down a few people that may have said something. Now there’s of course Kendrick [Lamar], right? And then there’s Big Sean. He raps about his grandma. Any man that raps about his grandma you gotta show some love to. And then of course there’s Common and Talib [Kweli].”

Who do you think is leading the charge in support of women in hip-hop culture?