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It's Christmas...In November!

Ellen DeGenerous is being quite generous this holiday season as she kicks off her annual '12 Days of Giveaways'! Now that Oprah has officially retired from her days as a talk show host and of giving extravagant gifts to her audience during the holiday season, Ellen has taken the crown. This year, guests at the first day of Ellen's surprise giveaways were in for quite a treat! Below is a list of all of the gifts Ellen gave to each audience member!

Ellen's Day 1 Gifts:

- Visa Checkout $250 Visa Gift Card
- $500 Container Shop Gift Card
- $500 Nest Cam & Asus Chromebook Flip
- $600 5-year Netflix Gift Card
- $500 Epson Printer
- $250 Best Buy Gift Card
- $400 Swagway
Total of over $2,800 that each person gets to take home with them! Crazy!
People are still awaiting to see if Ellen will top Oprah's Christmas giveaway years ago when she gave away a car and then a trip to Australia! Now that Ellen is the number one talk show host in the country, it's no surprise that fans are starting to put the pressure on Ellen to bring out all of the bells and whistles for this holiday season.

Day 1 complete, 11 to go!

Ellen is generous! I went to her show like a couple weeks back, and left home with a 55' inch TV. She is amazing and love her show ♡
I actually have an old college friend that works as part of her production team! I should get in contact with her... @ButterflyBlu
@nicolejb YES!! We should totally go. That's absolutely on the bucket list!
ELLEN ELLEN ELLEN <3 Some day I shall go to her show, and @ButterflyBlu will go too!
@nicolejb oh wow!!! *bouncing* I wish I knew her!!! Ahhhh! What an amazing, fun job that must be! Can you imagine working for Ellen?!!!