So this is the word for it. .. <3
I always wondered if there was a scientific word for it. Thx 🤓
you can also say it is the mass of pain that is formed during childhood, it is created due to the treatment of parents , relatives , teachers towards the child, this mass of pain grows with the person to make dangerous demerits in the characters of children, this characters could be self-destructive, and cause much pain to that child after growing up, it affects his mental side of thinking, so this mass of pain constraints the person that has it, and we all have some of this mass of pain, but the cure to this is our self-awareness to what had happened and to never let that affect our lives , bec this mass of pain always comes out automatically, self-awareness is like you are a witness on your own doings , feelings , thinking . its all about the fear of the past, and has nothing to do with now except that we should learn from it.