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Madoka Kaname
The first character we meet in the anime is a second year middle school student named Madoka Kaname. She's a very sweet, kind, timid girl and is the nurses aid for her 8th grade class. She is 14 years old and her weapon is a bow and arrow. She would sacrifice anything for the sake of someone else, especially a friend. She doesn't think of herself as very special or different, and she's afraid her life will stay that way....but everything changes when she has a mysterious dream and meets a beautiful stranger who turns her life upside down forever.
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haha. you're in for a huge surprise. Haha :)
2 years ago·Reply
absolutely beautiful animation though. ^-^
2 years ago·Reply
I can't wait to watch! :3
2 years ago·Reply
I hope you like it. :) I know I did
2 years ago·Reply
I love anime
2 years ago·Reply