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Choi Minho <3 ,Song Joong Ki <3 and Lee Min Ho <3 3 lovey stars :) <3
3 Lovely stars soo cute :) <3
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lee min ho - choi min ho
4 years ago·Reply
min ho lee & song joong ki
4 years ago·Reply
omg.. we are exactly the same..i like minho and joong ki the most in whole of korea
4 years ago·Reply
well , I like minho, but is better actors on korea , like lee joon ki, or lee hyung bun, in my opinion oppa have long way to run, but we till be always there for him..fighting baby.
4 years ago·Reply
@dramalover Haha yeah chingu its been a while how have u been :-)♥
4 years ago·Reply