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Soooo judging by how fun it was to share my favorite naruto battles i figured i'd do another in honor of DBZ!!!!!!!! Same drill as last time no real order just having fun making my second card 🤑
FUTURE TRUNKS AND FUTURE GOHAN (put in him a damn game already -.-) vs The Androids (18+17) This fight was insane and broken into two essential parts the amusement park and the city at night! I gotta say aside from Gohan losing his arm and this being by far the goriest, blood filled, graphic fight in the series by the time the film aired....TRUNKS TURNED SUPER SAIYAN DIGGING HIS NAILS IN HIS PALMS AND DRAWING BLOOD WAS BY FAR THE SICKEST S.S. Transformation since Goku v. Frieza. Hands down my favorite transformation and 2nd favorite movie from the series!
GOKU VS FRIEZA THE ORIGINAL BATTLE OF THE GODS IN THE DBZ SERIES! And the final conclusion predicted by Bardocks one shot years before. This fight was amazing and had many just omg hallmark dbz moments from the spirit bomb, to the destruction of Namek, to Vegeta begging like a bitch and crying lol, to Goku taking like a month to go S.S. Before all hell broke loose! Totally epic!
BROLY VS GOHAN,GOTEN,VIDEL AND TRUNKS This fight comes from my all time favorite dbz movie BROLY: SECOND COMING! This fight is hands down my favorite fight of the entire dbz series from start to finish. S.S. Broly moves with grace and power proving even as a normal super saiyan he is a GOD AND A PROBLEM. He literally flexes this entire movie and had it not been for a cleverly placed blast by Trunks in the end he would of surely dominated the family tree father son kamehameha. From the minute Gohan scream "i've had enough" then Broly exclaims "not until you die dead at my feet" i was off the edge of my seat! Broly will always be my favorite character and his return in DB Supe better turn out to be more than a rumor. The man is a savage and delivered two of the best films in the entire series.
SUPER BUU (GOHAN ABSORBED) vs VEGITO This fight was just basically a display of what it would be like if Vegeta had Goku's power and half his persona lol! Literally Vegito beat Buu's ass all over the screen in a comedic of episodes. I think the sheer comedy of this powerhouse match it was i enjoyed so much! He dead ass even dominated as a piece of chocolate!!!! Such an enjoyable gag yet intense fight revealing the epic ki saber finished that to this day is still epic as hell to see in budokai 2 and 3 lol!
MAJIN BUU VS EVIL BUU THIS FIGHT MAKES IT TO MY FAVES AS GAG FIGHT AWESOMENESS NUMBER TWO! This bizarre and weird battle was short and sweet but intense at the same time. For some reason Evil Buu's swag and calm temperament with a devilish nature vs Fat Buu's crazy and rage complex mad this fight come off as a classic big bro little bro bout! I totally loved it down the chocolate num num ending!
GOKU AND VEGETA VS KID BUU Not gonna lie this fight was intense and a perfect close to the series we all adored for so many childhood years. The best part though was that nostalgic nod to day one fans with a Spirit bomb to end it all and this time save the world vs lead to another's inevitable destruction! It takes a lot to push Goku to the edge and make him break out this move so to see it again since the age of Frieza as so pleasing and secretly stressed to long term fans the gravity of this battle!
GOKU VS BROLY THIS FIGHT WAS BY FAR THE MOST MEMORABLE OF DBZ FIGHTS OF THE ENTIRE SERIES WHY? Because if you look at it from a technical stand point Broly here proved to be the one opponent Goku has never beaten one on one and at the time was his equal! Arguably the fight was a draw seeing as how we learn in second coming Broly survived as they both were reduced to k.o. Blows with Goku's uppercut bruising his chest and knocking him out of his Legendary S.S. Form only due to the help of the z warriors. Imagine if they both lived to beef up now how epic that fight would be!
Welp thats all i got if i left one out you like share it below!!!!!