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Jessica Jones

*SPOILERS* THIS WHOLE POST WILL SPOIL I'm very happy for what they did. I thought they followed the comics well to an extent. Except for the part where Kilgrave gets killed but it was good.
(The first picture(s) above is their first encounter) I'm glad that they didn't show what Kilgrave does to Jessica in the comics. This is definitely a dark show. Not dark like Daredevil but physiology dark. It talks about sexual assault and abuse. There's a ton of drinking. This is still definitely not a show for kids. It was fun to hear the MCU references they made. I'm still hoping that this show will tie in with Daredevil some more.
Overall I'm happy with David Tennant's performance. He did an amazing job as Kilgrave and I hope they find some way to bring him back to life. Kilgrave is such an important character who has been around longer than Jessica (Jewel) has. If you want to talk about the show, comment on this. If you would like to read her comics it is Alias and some issues of The Pulse. I'm also super excited for the Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders show(s)!! The man playing Luke Cage is awesome.
I know it may be a long shot but I think the big bad for season 2 could possibly be Will Simpson AKA Nuke. We already saw him start to become bad and he attacked Jessica and Trish. He also has the Red, White, and Blue pills just like in the comics.
Now Trish. She is supposed to be Hellcat but will they ever show that? Trish did learn how to fight and there has been mentions about her having red hair when she was younger. It would be awesome if she was Hellcat in the next season.
@shannonl5 I'm glad about how realistic this show is
@shannonl5 The actor who plays Luke Cage is hot and he is such a perfect match. I'm so glad that he was able to pull off Sweet Christmas. David Tennant is perfect in every role he is given.
I LOVED IT SO MUCH I agree re: them not showing what he did to her. I think it was a really good writing choice. The director talked about how a lot of shows have been using sexual assault as kind of a cheap plot device but they never really approach what it really does to people. And this show did such a great job with it Tennant was BRILLIANT. Amazing job. Totally made me hate him haha I'd love to see Hellcat too! Originally they were going to have Carol Danvers (like in the comics) but I really like this choice. It might depend on how well the new comics do. Since Kate Leth is working on them my fingers are crossed haha. Def wanna see Nuke in the next season as well. ALSO LUKE CAGE AAAAA. HE'S PERFECT AND I LOVE HIM
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