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Meet Paradise!

This is Playa del Carmen. I lived here for about six months, it's in the Mayan Riviera. If you like the beach, sun and to have some really good and colorfull cocktails, this is a good place to visit. La Vagabunda is a cute Restaurant whit a lot of wonderful dishes, I used to go there often while I was living there and it's not very expensive. If you want to go dancing while enjoying a show, then you must go to Coco Bongo. Near Playa del Carmen there's Akumal, which is a very beautiful and peaceful place if you like, you can sign up for the turtles release. If you like swimming and snorkeling this is a great place to go to. Besides, the Cenotes are a good idea for an adventure outdoors with a lot of fun.
Glad you liked it Carlos! I had so much fun there. =)
This is gorgeous! The beach looks amazing and the bars and restaurants seem like a lot of fun to be in. Keep them coming Avril! These photos are awesome!