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I read an article with the same title a while ago. I would like to share this with you all in the Love & Relationship group. Please give it a read and let me know what you guys think!
@Dynamo Exactly. I was kinda discussing this with another friend... something similar at least. But anyways, you shouldn't have to beg and battle a relationship to make it work, especially just to get amazing parts. Every relationship has rough patches, and yes, they're work, all of them. But the amazing parts should be natural. The amazing parts should help you to get through the bad parts.
@ButterflyBlu @AlloBaber Let me tell you from experience. Now, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything and call myself a nice guy, but I did date someone who could relate to the girl in the writing. And you know why I kept trying? Because the moments when it was just her and I were amazing. It made all the bad stuff she would do worth it. Eventually, I figured that I NEEDED to try hard to get those moments out of her. But now I've realized that those special moments shouldn't have to come with sacrifices. Those moments should be every single second you are with the girl/boy you love. You shouldn't have to work soo hard to get something that another would easily and much more happily give.
@AlloBaber ohhh good answer. I agree. Any woman that walks away from a man for being "too nice" has some...issues. (I should have tagged you to begin with... my bad. >.< ) You are right. Absolutely. Too many nice guys put up with way too much crap, but I think there are many reasons. Some don't think they deserve better. Some will just take what they can get. Others Don't Know the Difference. (True for both sexes, I know.) Speaking of, I have a few friends who need to read this...
I saw this late, but I read it and wanted to comment @Dynamo! This is an interesting article that I think plenty of my friends would have a problem with, because of this part: "Every girl says she likes the assh*le because he’s the challenge — the one she must break, train and force to be more than just a douchebag." EVERY girl? Let's not generalize. But once I saw the article was written by a girl – and not a nice guy soured on women because he'd been "friend zoned" or something like that – I realized it was a bit more complicated than I originally thought. Maybe there ARE girls out there who need to hear this. But I'd definitely argue there are guys who need to hear the same thing. I've never walked away from a relationship because someone was too nice to me – no mature person will ever do that. Maybe the nice guys are the ones who need to be cautioned – don't fall in love with people less mature than you, who won't value you for exactly who you are. Avoid those people like the plague. Wait for the one who will appreciate your kindness, care for you back, and never walk away for silly reasons :)
@ButterflyBlu I'm glad you liked it c:
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