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Lol, so Wade you are trying to curse like a Skrull? Lol, I'm impressed
Lol good luck with all cursing Wade ♥ ! I hope they don't probe you to make cloans! Spoiler they do!
Lol, yeah yeah... They won't hurt him too bad.. Besides your best friend can't die.. Remember!? He could just annoy you to death! Pow Stay Frisky L A Von Dangerous ♥ ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× ✨ L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed from the Mercs with mouths posting. I do respect people with the whole tagging thing.  You have Facebook  Yea I hate tagging... Especially for some 29.99 Ray Ban glasses ♥ ✨ Vingle community, if you are passing through and seeing a Mercs with mouths card and you want to be tagged In future cards. Please comment that you want to be tagged below :) ✨ I also dabble in other communities, we have a Supernatural (TV Series) community that is interested in welcoming new friends! Check us out and if you like follow my Supernatural Sickness collection. Btw I have a Deadpool makes me laugh collection too.
lol Spidey. I'm glad Deadpool can cuss in multiple languages
Yeah, he is the only one that can curse in Skrull 😂😂