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I'd have to say that Blood C was one of the more gruesome anime I've seen. Saya was a beast.
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Hey how different is blood + to blood c...I thought it was saya for a moment there 馃槓
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@JanelleJanelle i know right
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Yeah, I enjoyed Corpse Party, for one, the gore, and for two, it just kept me on my toes. I watched the play through first. @JanelleJanelle
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Blood C is a lot shorter than Blood +, only has 12 episodes. It's A LOT messier than Blood + and has less of a story because of the fact it's so short. It's made by the same folks and they decided not to change Saya's name in this as well, but This Saya is different than Blood + Saya. I enjoyed it though. PLUS it had some interesting twists in it. I feel like Blood C showed all the stuff that Blood + didn't. @JanelleJanelle
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I would say towards the end of Another it got a bit crazy and gory but it was well worth it.
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