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I was inspired to do this by @nenegrint14 so here goes: I had heard of BTS from a youtuber I watch named Ryan Higa. I didn't really think much of it until I watched another series called Youtubers react. They showed the Dope MV and I thought it was pretty cool so I searched it up and watched it a billion times. It soon got stuck in my head and a girl in my science and leadership class heard me humming and knew the song. We became super close and she introduced me to other BTS songs.
She told one of her friends who was also in my English class that I liked BTS and we became super close. The second friend soon got me hooked onto Exo. I haven't been listening to kpop for super long, only a few months, but it feels like a lifetime. I also listen to a few songs by G-Dragon, Girls Generation, and B.A.P. And that's my kpop story. Please comment any songs that I should listen to. Thanks!
I never regret anything when it comes to kpop 馃槀 @wydyoongii
Beginning to look a lot like Chris-mas am I right
I'm in love with the movies and always will be 鉂わ笍
I'm really into marvel comics and volleyball @nenegrint14
that's awesome you have friends who are also into kpop none of my friends like it lol you should check out @MattK95 's Soundtrack to Life collection. we have all done Playlist challenges there. like songs to workout to, break up songs, introducing people to kpop songs. it's really awesome to go through all the different play lists and see the different styles of kpop people like. also if you think of a Playlist challenge you can message Matt and let him know. the one he and @jiggzy19 currently have going on is the one about dreams (I don't exactly remember the title, sorry) about kpop songs you listen to before going to sleep. it's still going on if you want to participate.
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