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HAPPY V DAY EVERYBODY!!!!! Since for the next two weeks we are celebrating each member of BTS for their comeback (and since is V is my bias destroyer) I was hoping to make a card to honor his weirdness lol!!!
His strangeness is just so intriguing I cant help but be captivated by it xD and he is just so naturally funny (he makes my sides hurt all the time )
His blank face is just something to behold (thats why that is his nickname lol) but just because he has that natural "zoned out" look doesnt mean that he isnt.......
THE KING OF FACES!!!!!!! He can make just about a million different faces in under a minute, and each one is funnier or cuter than the next xD
He has his SUPER cute moments! (especially with pets xD)
And he has his...seductive moments (making a lady wanna swoon)
But he will always be the crazy and kooky man we all know and love โ™กโ™กโ™ก. Now i will leave you all with V being cute and romantic with the rest of BTS xD (as you may have noticed i have double the vkook and vhope, they are two of my favorite ships xD)
BYE EVERYBODY!!!!!!! (P.S i do not own these beautiful pics and gifs)