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This has been a great season for KDramas - 3 excellent dramas all showing at the same time (King 2 Hearts, Rooftop Prince, Equator Man). They're all ending on May 24th though!!! Share how you think your favourite drama will end! Let's see who is the most accurate Kdrama fortune teller of us all :D
TK2H best drama ever!!!
RP--- Joseon F4 will return where YG will unite with Boyoung & TY gets out of coma but since no one remembers about F4 pakha starts afresh with TY. While all the baddies from both eras get punished. A truly happy ending for everyone. K2H---The WOC team take matters into their hands and destroy KBD( who escaped from ICC) & finally peace returns. The two couples get married and the King lives with his Queen happily ever after. EM---As he promised -when he was young-SW helps JL to become a righteous prosecutor by forgiving him.MrJin loses everything but let to live the life in regret that he can't have his son by his side.SW & JW leave together & lead a happy life doing social services.
really curious about rooftop prince even tho im more a k2h fan
idont know about what will happen ...but if YG stay with Parkha then what about Boung in chosan and young tea young in soeul.....han anyone know????????
for Rooftop Prince, all I know is I saw some stills of Pakha and YG getting married. So I dont think YG will go back into the past, maybe only his men to stop the assassination, but YG will stay in the present for love and to protect Pakha. YG and Pakha happily ever after. yaaay!
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