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BTS Hell Week


... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... .. ... No? me neither (╥_╥). -Sara is back, folks! Haha, anyway, @kpopandkimchi made this challenge, card, thingy called BTS Hell Week. If you haven't checked it out, its right here (ノ゚ー゚)ノ*****! Its basically this weekly thing that everyday you put something about each of the members -why? You gotta- as a countdown to BTS comeback, yeah, that one thAT NO ONE IS READY FOR.


. . . . . . . . . Today folks, is V Day. . . . .

Please sit back and enjoy the wonderful view along with the weather.....

I'm not specifically going to talk about anything, that would cause too many arguments -and a looot of inappropriate thoughts, just saying! just saying...- and I would spend too much time. So, since I could only add 50 pictures, I chose the best of Kim Teahyung! -Yes? No?.... Too bad then-.
The only actual thing I would like to get off my chest with this man, is that he is somehow starting to climb my bias list -hehe, what bias list? it was ruined months ago- and messing with it. I blame sooooo many things on him, for example, why am I not paying attention to JungKook Oppa? Cause I'm too busy thinking about his boyfriend V -DO. NOT. SAY. VKOOK. ISNT. REAL. OKAY? OKAY.-, ya feel me?

Just dropping these right here....

And these....

Oh and also these.
Anyway, that was it for VDay today! Honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly? He is straight up Adorably Smexy. However, with me, his usual goofiness and playfulness wins over my ice stone heart. Not just his looks. I would make a whole card dedicated to everything -that's a lot. Just FYI-, but, this is rather something quick. I probably will though, soon. Don't worry.


Thankyou everyone who took their time into reading this. Its really appreciated. Make sure to follow MY COLLECTION for the rest of this BTS GODDARN HELL WEEK. Tomorrow will be RapMons -Hell Yeah...- Day. Oh, I almost forgot, just a return tag to all those people who tagged me to this -You guys are the real MVPs here. Make sure to tag me in your next ones, yes?-: @kpopandkimchi @thePinkPrincess @RihannaTiaMay @AnahiZaragoza @Meeshell My inbox is here if anyone needs it!



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