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I have to admit that I am addicted to Korean Dramas. They are funny, sad, catching and just too good!! I started watching Korean Dramas since I was 15 and I have been addicted ever since.
There are always new Korean dramas airing and it is hard to watch all of them, especially if you have a lot of school work to do. So I therefore take my time to carefully choose dramas that I want to start and finish watching.
I have chosen 3 Korean dramas that I recommend you to see this winter! They are good and I really enjoyed watching them.
She Was Pretty: This dramas was just AMAZING. I got really into it just after the first episode. I LOVED this drama! It was so funny and cute. She Was Pretty made laugh a lot.
All the actors are good but I really enjoyed Siwon from Super Junior. His character was just too hilarious. What I liked about this 16 episodes drama is that it didn't get boring and they didn't have unnecessary episodes that most dramas has. This drama is really addictive and I really recommend you watching it.
Yong Pal: The next drama on the list is Yong Pal. This drama brings us the love, hate and suspension. I really enjoyed the tension that this drama gave and the story was also interesting and well played by the actors. However, the drama has a lot of medical terms since the story is related to a doctor and it also get some slow in the beginning and in the middle. Other than that, I would recommend you watch this drama if you are into more suspense rather than cute and lovely drama.
Oh My Venus: This drama is new and it just started airing last week. So far, I like it. It is funny and OMG, Ji Sub is so damn HOT in this drama! ( we get to see A LOT of skin haha). The drama has to do with a girl who used to be really popular for her looks at high school. However, she then became fat and sad(?). We all know Koreans are obsessed with looks and slim bodies. I am not sure if this drama is kinda offensive for people who are not slim, however, I'll watch it and see how it turns out. I do recommend to watch it if you are a fan of Ji Sub!!
@bambamisbae yes it was one of my first drama after Faith and That's OK it Love and Guimo and Playful Kiss and ....sorry
I agree. Sensory Couple was a really good K drama
Thank you so much for these recommendations! I started watching Kdramas YESTERDAY and I was watching "secret message" (and I'm already on episode 13 >v<) I thought about what's the next Kdrama I should watch and this is perfect thank you!
@bambamisbae I Love drama like Blood and Possessed
I watched she was pretty now I'm watching kiss me
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