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Warning: The following card is pretty much going to support every joke you've ever made about the 'bourgie' clean food culture Whole Foods has created for itself. What you've read in the headline is true, folks. Whole Foods sells Jell-O shots now, and they're certainly a far cry from whatever you were tossing back in college.
Yes, thanks to the people behind Ludlows Cocktail Co., founders of the same company that put CoolHaus gourmet ice cream sandwiches on the market, the Jell-O shot is going under the same high-end foodie makeover given to anything from churros to popsicles.
The product comes in five flavors and are named exactly how a novelty distributed to Whole Foods probably would be - Planter's Punch, Meyer Lemon Drop, Moscow Mule, Fresh Lime Margarita, and Old Fashioned. (Pretty sure the only Jell-O shots I've had could best be described as 'Vodka + Generic Red Flavor'.)
The company claims that the ingredients used are all natural and incorporate the unique and complimentary flavors of fresh herbs and citrus.
According to CEO Freya Estreller, these 'jelly' shots are best enjoyed chilled and eaten with the aid of a fork or spoon, "especially because we're adults now."
And at roughly $12 for a box of 5, you're probably going to want to.
Currently, these shots are only available in Southern California Whole Foods locations, but Freya intends to expand distribution nationwide by 2017. In the meantime, she adds, you can also have them sent directly to you via alcohol delivery app Saucey (because hipsters).

With what being said, are these gourmet Jell-O shots your new jam, or are they a total waste of money on just another trend?

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I would try them to try them. However, all my single mom self can think is: "$12 for 5?! I can make HUNDREDS of shots for $12." Lol. So much fun... Seriously, though.
@ButterflyBlu Yeah, I'd be down to try them, but only as a one-time thing. I can't justify that price point at all, but that's the main reason why I barely shop at Whole Foods lol.
I wouldn't mind trying them, and after 30 of these when you throw up you can just drink it back up since it's natural.
I'll stick to the ones I pick up at the Asian grocery store.
@BluBear07 I'm the same way. It's not so much the consistency so much as it's just a really boring dessert. I'd rather eat something else lol. The alcohol for this one is pretty good. I think that's why they thought it'd be cool to price it so crazy.
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